My Weekend







My Weekend

So last weekend was a bank holiday here in Ireland…Wooo no college on Monday for me!!! I was extremely tired on Saturday after the masquerade party on Friday night so I just lazed around for the day and did a little baking. Cheeky…but these white chocolate and cherry oatmeal biscuits are so worth it! What better way to spend the day than in your pjs and enjoying a little treat after a busy week? This is the outfit I wore to a family dinner on Sunday evening. I had bought this hat in Urban Outfitters about two years ago now, but this was its first outing! I think I will be wearing it  more often now that I have realised my love for it.  I wore my beloved leather Zara trousers which I bought recently. I had been wanting a good pair of leather pants for ages so I was delighted when I came across this pair in Zara. I paired these with a beautiful colorful Topshop jumper . I adore this jumper as I think it is quite Chanel like. I live in cosy knits on these cold wintery days. They are also great for college too as the are comfy but fashionable at the same time. Score ! I borrowed these little Topshop leather booties from my sister.. It’s great having another wardrobe to raid from time to time !  That’s it from me for now but I will be back with more for you soon .

Xx Elle

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