Lady in Navy

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I had been lusting after this fluffy knit since I first set eyes on it a few moths ago on the online Topshop store. However I never actually got around to buying it. Probably due to my lack of funds at the time ! Oh the hardships of college life !! You can therefore imagine my delight when I spotted the knit in the Oxford Circus Topshop during my visit to London last weekend. Definitely my favorite city I have had the opportunity of visiting so far. It is such a fashiona forward city where anything goes really and that is what I love about it… people are daring and not afraid to stand out. I’m already looking forward to going back again (Hopefully at some stage in the not so distant future! ) That’s enough rambling from me… I also bought these flat slip on shoes whilst in London and this was their first outing… I am loving them so far. The leather pants which I also wore in a previous look are from Zara. I will leave the link to this post down below. I am so glad I bought these as I have gotten so much wear out of them. My only critique would be that I have noticed they are starting to sag slightly around the knees. However I’m not sure if this is due to poor quality or if this happenes to all leather items after being worn a few times. Does anyone have any info for me on this?Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of this look. And until next time, hope you all have a lovely week!
Xx Elle

Knit Topshop
Leather pants Zara
Flats Kurt Geiger

Link to previous post :

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