New year hair inspiration

Recently I’ve been thinking that my hair colour is beginning to look a bit dull. I find that having the same hair cut and colour all of the time can get a bit boring. Although I must admit that I’m not one for trying out mad new hair styles. I tend to stick to the same style, maybe a little shorter/longer or darker/lighter from time to time . However I think  that it’s fun and exciting to change you hair up a bit, even if its only a subtle change. Not every hair color will suit everyone as I think it really depends on what matches your skin tone.  I really want to brighten my hair up a bit and go more blonde. I also love the balayage look so I might consider having that done either. As I was researching hair inspiration for myself I thought I’d share a quick post with you guys on a few of my favorite looks that I came across . Feel free to leave me a comment. Hope you get some inspiration for your own hair and try not to get too much hair envy!
Talk soon

Xx Elle

28 thoughts on “New year hair inspiration

  1. All those pictures are gorgeous. I actually just decided I am going to do super platinum, think Elin Kling. I haven’t dont anything drastic to my hair ever, and it’s not necessarily a ‘pretty’ look so I am a bit nervous. I think it will be fun though. xx

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