Farmer’s Market

Good afternoon everyone and a very happy Sunday to you all! Yesterday was the first day in quite a while where here in Ireland we actually saw a bit of sun and felt a little heat. With this in mind I decided to make the most out of the the bright day and to take a trip around to my local farmers market. I hadn’t visited the market in a long time, so naturally I had completely forgotten about the little gems to be found there. From fruit and vegetables, pastries and cakes to organic coffees and teas there’s something there for everyone.

I purchased some nice little treats for myself and I also got to sample some delicious food whilst there. Aside from the fact that the food sold at markets all tastes so good it also tends to come at a very reasonable price too, although some of the organic products can be a tinsey bit on the expensive side. But hey that’s the price we pay for being a little healthier right?

2014-01-11 12.53.50 2014-01-11 12.53.06 2014-01-11 12.51.03 2014-01-11 12.50.45 2014-01-11 12.49.08 2014-01-11 12.40.40 2014-01-11 12.41.07 2014-01-11 12.41.19 2014-01-11 12.45.08 2014-01-11 12.48.25 2014-01-11 12.38.38 2014-01-11 12.37.18 2014-01-11 12.36.50  Now onto the serious issue of the OUTFIT… I was feeling brave thanks to the bright day we were having, so I made the decision to leave the jumper at home and instead just to wear a t-shirt and bring a coat with me in case it was chillier out than it actually appeared. Boy was I glad that I came to my senses and brought my coat with me as even though the sun was giving off some heat it was still rather cold once you stepped into the shade. The vast majority of my outfit consisted of items of clothing which I had bought the previous week in London. The black skinny jeans are part of the Leigh collection from Topshop. In my opinion no woman could survive without a black pair of jeans in her wardrobe! They are such an essential item and can be worn casually or dressed up with a pair of heels for a more glamorous occasion. This grey top is also from Topshop (as you can tell I love Topshop!) and again is a necessity for any wardrobe. I wore a statement silver jeweled necklace to add a bit of oomph to the outfit and glam the look up a bit. Im sure many of you will recognize this kaki green Zara coat. I bought this coat last summer when I was away in America and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately after a month or two of being back in Ireland the coat arrived in stock here too and I began to notice many people around town in the same coat. This has turned me off the coat quite a bit and the initial love which I felt has faded. However it is still pretty cozy and that’s why I popped it on me. I prefer to wear pieces that are more unique and that not every second person who I walk by on the street will be wearing. Okay, that might be a slight over exaggeration but I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling I’m talking about. A girl likes to feel special! Finally, my boots are from Office and I really do adore them. I love the buckles and the big chunky heel makes them so comfortable to walk in. Plus chunky is bang on trend this season.  I hope you like the look! Let me know what you think .

Xx Elle

Jeans Topshop

T-shirt Topshop

Boots Office

Coat Zara

Necklace Accessorize 

39 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

    1. Hi Ashely. I bought these boots in London over Christmas last year so I’m not sure if they are still available. I don’t have the exact name of the boots off the top of my head but I will do some research on it and get back to you Xx Elle

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