Mens Fashion

As the mens fashion industry continues to grow and make huge progress in the world of fashion, more and more men are becoming aware of how they look in the eye of the public. With the development of mens fashion it’s no wonder that we are beginning to see many male fashionistas roaming around our streets. I never really paid much attention to men’s fashion before starting my blog, however of late I have had a bit of a change of heart in the way in which I view mens fashion. I now not only see it as ‘mens fashion’ but also as a means of inspiration. The masculine look for women has become very popular over the years and a woman is now considered very sexy if she wears a tuxedo. In my opinion the right fitting suit can sometimes be the better option over a short dress. Take Kate Moss and Carrie Bradshaw as your inspiration for the women’s  tuxedo suit. Women now learn about and are inspired by mens fashion as they strive to perfect the masculine trend. And so today I leave you with some great mens looks from London Collections Men 2014. I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know about your take on mens fashion in the comments below. Talk soon,

Xx Elle LCM 1 LCM 2 LCM 3 LCM 4LCM 5LCM 6 LCM 7 LCM 8 LCM 9 LCM 10 LCM 11 LCM 13 LCM 14 LCM 15

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