NYFW fall 2014 street style

Street style 1Street style 2Street style 3Street style 4Street style 5Street style 6Street style 7Street style 8Street style 9Street style 10Street style 11Street style 13street style 14Street style 15Street style 16Street style 17Street style 18Street style 19Street style 20Street style 21I for one adore people watching. I love to sit down in a cafe (with a cup of coffee of course!) by the window or when the sun is shining, outside, and just watch the world go by. I find it fascinating to look at what other people are wearing as I think it is one of the best ways for getting inspiration. Even though I may not like someones entire outfit,  I can still take note of certain aspects of it and combine their ideas with my own to create an outfit which I love and which I would wear. I find it so interesting to see all of the individual styles worn by people.  I think individuality is very important as without it the world would be a very boring place, don’t you agree? I admit that it does take time to figure out the clothes which you feel your most comfortable in and to develop your own personal style. However once you do find your style you will feel so much more confident about yourself.

Talk soon, Xx Elle

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