Look of the week – Lucy Williams (Week 2)

Fashion Me Now 2 Look 2- Fashion Me Now


This weeks’ ‘Look of the week’ goes to Lucy Williams of the fashion blog ‘Fashion Me Now’. The London based bloggers’ style has that laid back, cool feel to it, something which I think Londoners have down to a tee. Lucy is a natural beauty and she really knows how to dress for the occasion. I follow her on a daily basis through her blog and also on her Instagram account which is full of fashion, travel and foodie photographs (three of my favourite things!) I really love this look which Lucy wore on the streets of London. Although I love an outfit to look fashionable I also want to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. Some days I am in college from 9 until 6 so comfort is key to keep me going throughout the day. I would definitely wear this outfit as it not only looks stylish but also comfortable . I hope you enjoyed this post. Talk soon

Xx Elle

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