Playing dress up

DSC08199DSC08207DSC08209DSC08211DSC08215DSC08203I love having a night out with my friends, not only because we always have great fun, but it also gives me an excuse to dress up. Sometimes I find that dressing for a night out is easier than dressing for college because even if your outfit is a little on the casual side, by adding a pair of heels and some great accessories it can instantly be taken to the next level. On the other hand, when dressing for college it can sometimes be tricky finding the right balance between comfort and style. A day of lectures from 9-6 requires an outfit in which I feel comfortable, however I also like to look stylish and this is where the ‘I have nothing to wear feeling’ when looking in a wardrobe full of clothes kicks in. I think that a good solution to this problem is to create a wardrobe with a selection of good quality basics and then adding to the collection with more fashionable pieces. I am going to attempt to stick to this master plan of mine from now on rather than buying once-off expensive pieces of clothing first (Not a good idea when on a student budget!)

I wore this leather skirt and ribbed top to a friends’ birthday last weekend. Both the top and skirt are from Zara and the shoes are from Asos. I must say that these are my favourite pair of heels at the moment as the smaller, chunkier heel allows me to last in them all night and also saves me from hobbling around the dance floor!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! How it is coming to the end of November already baffles me, but that means one thing… Christmas is well and truly on the way!  Talk soon Xx Elle

P.S. Be sure to check out my sister and I’s new Youtube channel at this link:

Top Zara

Skirt Zara

Shoes Asos



4 thoughts on “Playing dress up

  1. LOVE the shoes! And I also have the same college wardrobe problem! I think your plan sounds like a great idea, I’ll keep it mind 🙂

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