Hey there 🙂
How is everyones weekend going so far? Don’t worry we still have the best day of the week to come yet! I love Sundays because for me it is a day for just chilling out and doing whatever I please. Sometimes however this entails catching up on college work which I have fallen behind on during the week, but at least I’m at home so I can do everything in my own time. Today I wanted to share a great handbag brand with you guys which I came across recently and which I think represents an amazing cause. The brand is called Angela&Roi and they operate the cause Donate by Color. Donate by Color is a cause whereby you get the opportunity to choose from a beautiful collection of handbags which are made from vegan leather ( how cool is that?) and a portion of the sale will be donated to a non-profit organization specializing in prevalent health issues. The non-profit organization to which the money is donated depends on the color of the bag you choose.  You see each color represents a particular organization. For example, Lung Cancer awareness links traditionally with the color white. So if you guys purchase a white handbag, five dollars will automatically be donated to Lung Cancer Alliance. There are eleven non-profit organizations to choose from representing causes such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. So, not only will you get a beautiful new handbag but you will also benefit from the satisfaction of supporting a wonderful cause. I will leave you with a selection of photos of my favorite bags from their collection and I will also provide you with the link to their website so that you can check out the bags for yourselves. I’d love to know how some of you guys feel about showing your support for society and if there are any particular ways in which you do your bit to help out so let me know in the comments.

Thats it for today. There will be an outfit post coming your way tomorrow though so make sure to check back with me!
Xx Elle

black black 2 blue blue 2 dark red red 2 green white 3 white bag