Pop of red


When I was younger I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a polo neck! It is only in recent times that my love for them has really manifested. Maybe this is because I’m finally realising that looking stylish whilst staying warm is actually a possible combination. Although I will admit that I sometimes still leave the house on cold days without a coat…All in the name of fashion! Please tell me that I’m not the only one who does this? I reassure myself by the fact that I am a still a college student, so naturally my collection of coats hasn’t quite reached the stage where I have one that will match every outfit. Of course some day I will have a closet especially for my extensive coat collection!

I am a big fan of high waisted, skinny jeans and these Topshop ones are the ideal pair. The material is so soft and comfortable, making them the perfect choice for everyday wear.

My old black boots were looking pretty worn recently, so I decided that it was about time to invest in a new pair. I had my eye on this pair for a while, so when I saw that they had gone into the sale and they were in my size (flabbergasting stuff) I quickly snatched them up!

On a final note, where did that weekend go to? I can’t believe it’s already nearing the end of January! That’s all for today . Talk soon Xx Elle

Polo neck Zara

Jeans Topshop

Coat Asos

Boots F-TroupeĀ