January Musings

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Happy Monday all! It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of yet another cold, crisp January but I always like new beginnings and Mondays are the best day to put goals and weekly plans into action! Drumroll please as I sit and look at a fairly intriguing list of tasks that are eagerly awaiting to be crossed off this week… yet, when Friday rolls round there always seems to be one or two that happen to avoid the stroke of my black felt tip pen!

Sitting in prime position at the top of the list is… to post a style inspiration post. Style is ever evolving, an exploration and always (I repeat, ALWAYS) exciting. Bare shoulders, masculine suiting and standout luxe booting… We hope you enjoy!

Talk soon Xx Liv and Elle



The Art Of Gifting











Since starting my internship at IMAGE Magazine, it’s been educational, challenging and full of eye opening experiences. Think ‘waking up on Christmas morning to find Santa has been very good this year’ kind of excitement.

Three months in and I am proud (if not a little surprised) to see my name perfectly placed along side the Art of Gifting in this months special birthday issue and boy does that feel good! My 16 year old self would want an over the top high five to celebrate and a whole tantalizing tub of ben and jerry’s which of course I had, the chocolate overkill kind and yes, it was pure bliss!

I hope this piece has made your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year!

Talk soon Xx Liv


Autumn Clean


Do the words ‘wardrobe clear out’ send your mind into a dizzying spiral and cause you to break into a sweat of panic? If the answer is ‘yes’, well then you need to read this post. Who knows what valuable tips you might pick up on along the way???

‘Why have I chosen to write about this topic during autumn’, I hear you say, when the general consensus is that spring is the ideal season for a ‘spring clean’. Surely I cannot be suggesting that we clear out our wardrobes  twice a year? I’m sorry to say to all you hoarders, but yes,  that is precisely what I am saying. I don’t mean that you have to get rid of your prized possessions or that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe…No, just a little bit of organisation is all that is required.


In order to make your daily routine of getting dressed in the morning a far more enjoyable and easy experience, your wardrobe needs attention in both autumn and spring. This is when the new season trends begin to arrive in shops and so you need to make room for some key new additions. I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how an organised wardrobe can make you feel so much more in control of your day to day life. So, without further ado lets talk about the benefits of that clear out.

1. First things first, I would recommend that you divide the space in your wardrobe. If you have extra storage, all the better, as you can have two separate rails. However, don’t worry if you’re a little tight on space, you can just as easily work with what you’ve got and divide the space within your wardrobe. One half of the wardrobe should be for your work wear and the other half for your day to day casual and evening wear. I find that it is best to think of your work wear as a kind of ‘uniform’. This ‘uniform’ should be made up of a few key pieces that can be easily interchanged in order to create a few different looks. Try to keep these pieces for work wear only. Having a separate working wardrobe will help to keep these clothes in better condition and, on another note, the clothes you wear on your days off won’t be a constant reminder of work. I know how hard it is sometimes to separate your personal life from your work life so we don’t need any sneaky reminders.


2. It is essential to take a look at what you already have in your wardrobe before shopping for the new season. It’s time to wave goodbye to clothes that no longer fit or that have been sitting in your wardrobe for months on end but have never seen the light of day. You need to make room for some updated pieces and this requires being honest with yourself when doing your clear out. I know it’s difficult, but try to stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’… what if a particular event comes up or what if I drop a dress size? The reality is that if you haven’t found an occasion to wear the item to yet, then you probably never will. Furthermore, if you are constantly struggling to drop a dress size, well maybe it’s time that you stop trying. We are all different shapes and sizes for a reason. Instead, try to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you will soon notice a boost in your happiness.

3. Now that your wardrobe is free from unnecessary clutter, it’s time to take a look at what is missing. You will find that it’s so much easier to clearly identify what needs to be added to your wardrobe once the clear out is done. It is important to have a good idea about what you need before going shopping as this way you can focus your attention on these items rather than wandering aimlessly around the shops. This kind of aimless shopping often leads to impulse buying. Unfortunately the result of impulse buying is that we normally end up with more purchases that we don’t really need instead of those that we do and we are therefore forced to spend even more money. So, in order to avoid this situation, make a list of what you need.


4. Now that you have updated your wardrobe with some gorgeous new purchases and can clearly see all of your clothes, you will find getting dressed to be a more pleasant experience. A good tip for getting dressed in the morning is to get your outfit ready the night before. This way you can enjoy an extra ten minutes in bed instead of rushing around worrying about what to wear.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and that you found the information useful. Let me know if you have any other good tips in the comment section below. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post in which we will share our key pieces for an updated autumn wardrobe. Talk soon Xx Elle

Off Duty Vibes







Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Our weekend was off to a flying start this morning as we have recently joined a hot yoga class and already we’re beginning to feel the benefits! We have seen a boost in energy levels, super soft skin and we are more aware of our posture. Has anyone else tried it out yet?

Today’s look has a casual, relaxed feel to it.. a perfect off duty outfit for those days where comfort takes precedence. These harem pants are a favourite of mine and have taken me through many seasons. I especially love the attention to detail added by the on-trend wrap around tie. I would strongly recommend khaki green to those of you who find themselves living in a monochrome wardrobe, as it is not too bold yet it adds that bit of versatility to an outfit.

Those of you who follow us will know that we are loving our off the shoulder tops at the moment. Just take a look at Liv’s previous blog post for another styling idea. It’s no wonder that this striped Asos top found its way into my wardrobe!

We’re heading out of Dublin tomorrow to watch some ladies polo so be sure to check out our Instagram to see how we get on. Talk soon Xx Elle

Top – Asos

Pants – Topshop

Shoes – Topshop 

Bracelet – Vita Fede