Greece Photo Diary

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IMG_2707As I mentioned in my last style post, I recently went on a family holiday to Paros island in Greece for 10 days. It was exactly like I had been imagining it. Quaint towns filled with rows of white houses decorated with beautiful blue shutters, endless little side streets just waiting to be explored and get lost in and lots of little cafes and restaurants where you can sit for hours and watch the world go by. It was a long journey from Ireland to Paros (17 hours to be precise) but absolutely worth it ! The days just merged into each other as they always do when you’re on holidays. I find that my perception of time just disappears when I go on holidays and I struggle to remember what day of the week it even is! I think this is down to my parent’s mantra of removing watches when they go on holidays. The rest of the year revolves around time so it’s nice to be able to kick back for a little while and to not have to worry about rushing to be anywhere for a certain time. Paros is such a picturesque island. Everywhere you look there is another breathtaking view to be taken in and stored in your memory so that you can recall them when your sitting at your desk on a dreary,wintery day and remember those long summer days. The next time I travel to Greece I would love to explore a few of the other islands. They are like a little world of their own. Life moves at a slow pace there and people seem to go about their daily tasks with not a worry in the world. I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know if there are any of you who have been to Greece. I would love to know what you thought! That’s all for today. Talk soon

Xx Elle